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Multivariate Time Series Classification Data Sets (in MATLAB format)

This zip file contains 15 multivariate time series classification data sets in MATLAB format. Each *.mat file has a struct named as "mts". "mts" stores the following information:

  • train: A cell array of length "ntrain" storing the training multivariate time series. Each element of the array is one multivariate time series data set where the rows represent the attributes and columns are the observations over time. Hence it is a "nAttribute" by "timeSeriesLength" matrix.
  • test: Has the same format as train but stores the test multivariate time series.
  • trainlabels: An array of length "ntrain" storing the class information for training series.
  • testlabels: Has the same format as trainlabels but stores the class information for test series.

Let me know in case you have problems.

Update (15/09/2015)

I am receiving emails about problems with the zip file. Most probably, it is about the file transfer to the server. You can use the google drive link 

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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